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JHDavid 2008 in Puerto Rico

 At one glance
  Born: 1964 (Zodiac Libra)
  Male, happily married
  Origin: Jena, Thuringia
  Living in Lower Saxony
  Favorite music:  Udo Lindenberg
   Sudoku, Playing organ, Sauna

I was born on the Day of Lord, the 20th of October in 1964, amidst beautiful Thuringia. There is situated a nice little town Jena whose University is well-known.

Then Weimar became my next residence with it's world-famous Bauhaus-University (or is it equally world-known by "Old Geheimrat Goethe", the poet?).

By the way: What was said about original Thuringians? They used to be supposed quarrelsome mountain people. But that's a malicious suggestion! Bear me, I house two souls in my chest. Formally i'm a bloody german but in my heart I am puerto rican.

Years of apprenticeship aren't years of mastership. Even Kamenz brings back more gloomy rememberance in me (despite of being the birthplace of poet Lessing :-] ).

In the 1980s I was adicted to my  C64 / C128. I was doing my own CP/M operating system that time. But nowadays -with all these Facebook, Instagram and stuff- I'm downgraded to a normal user.

In Saxony - strictly spoken in beautiful Elbflorence - I studied Technique of Automate- and Traffic Science (and as well some computer science i.e. informatics in addition) for nine long semesters.

The peoples in Lower Saxony are very bound up with their ground. It's like a miracle , Braunschweig developed into my new home. But my present domicile is settled in Wolfenbuettel, a highly cultural "contaminated" nice little town (due to Lessing again =:-o ).

Since 1991 my place is in a visionary and mobile enterprise.

But not to forget Hagen - far faraway is this town which I only faced one time during my nine-semester lasting correspondence course study of Business Management. Operations Research turned out to be my favorite special field. That's why I elaborate my dissertation to the Interior Point Method (IPM).